Borrow money for housing with bond loans and tips


Do You Need A Cheap Mortgage Loan? Then maybe the bond loan is for you! Another form of bond loan is the so-called cash. Unlike traditional bonds, you know from the beginning how much the cash payout will be.

Interest in return unknown for a bond loans

Interest in return unknown for a bond loans

The first set when it becomes clear how many bonds to sell to get the desired amount and this of course depends. The main advantage of the cash loan is that any losses are recognized in interest and thus, unlike a regular exchange loss, becomes deductible.

In this way, a low net benefit on credit ensures, but it also means that you are otherwise taxed with an exchange gain, limiting the potential benefits of borrowing restructuring. Exchange rate gain is not taxable on ownership. The cash loan can be said to be ideal in cases where you want a fixed rate with the lowest possible performance without running the risk and not weight conversion opportunities high. Read more about money for housing and loans here

One last chance for a bond is SDO loans

deposit loans

SDOs are particularly large bonds, and the EU’s capital adequacy directive is considered a particularly safe investment in bonds. The bonds can be placed through both the bank and the mortgage lending institution, and unlike previous fixed rate loans such as this on the basis of an individual assessment, in the same way as a traditional bank loan.

Negotiate the price of the loan

Negotiate the price of the loan

This allows borrowers with a sound economy and not least the loan history to negotiate the price of the loan, but it is impossible for the borrower to understand and thus interest rates, not least the bank’s profits on the loan. With SDO loans you can borrow up to 70% (as of July 1, 2009 this increases to 75%) of the house purchase value.

The main difference with SDO loans, however, is that the maturity and repayment freedom is unlimited. With a very long life, you can get away with a very low performance. Learn more about SDO loans here.