Get organized finances with budget


Do you think the money runs out too early every month and you don’t really know where all the money is going? If you feel that you do not have as good control of your finances as you would like, there is a good way to get it organized.

You can try to make a budget! We have put together a good and comprehensive budget calculator that you can download, where you can fill in all costs and see where your money is going.

It’s not easy to keep good money

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Often, you have a variety of expenses each month that help to quickly empty your wallet. A good way to get a better look at their finances is to write down all income and expenses and look at how well they go together. Then you can first and foremost see how much you get over each month (which you can save, for example) or why you have nothing left.

Income and expenses

Income and expenses

We here at Philip Marlowe aim to help you get a better economy and as a step towards this we have set up a budget calculator that you can use completely free to get better order for your finances.

You just need to download it (it’s an Excel document so you need Excel) and fill in your income and expenses and you will immediately be able to see how much money you have over or where all the money goes each month.

Maximize your finances

Maximize your finances

A budget is a very good way to get a better overview and if you feel that you have too little money left at the end of the month, you can easily see in your budget which costs attract the most money, where you can save money and how to best ways can maximize your finances in order to feel satisfied.

Even if you do not think you have any major problems getting the money, a budget like this can help you get a better overview and may help you save more or reduce unnecessary costs.