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Installment loans no credit check

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One of the most frequently offered loans clearly is the installment loan. This form of loan is used in many variants and provided by banks as well as other service providers and traders. A striking feature of installment credit is that it can be used almost universally. For example, an installment loan can be used to finance the purchase of a car. But to cover the cost of a vacation trip, the installment loan is ideal. There are some features that can make installment loans extremely flexible and therefore can not be pressed into a specific pattern by their properties. 

With the loan sums it is the case that the classic installment loan is often awarded with a loan amount between 3,000 and 50,000 USD. Some banks start already starting from 1.000 USD, whereby it concerns then usually a variant of the installment loan, namely a small loan. The terms of the installment loan are often between one and 72 months, although here too each bank can make its own specifications. For interest rates, a distinction has to be made as to whether the bank rates interest-free or credit-based interest rates. On average, the interest rate currently (2016) for installment loans is usually between six and seven percent. But there are also significantly cheaper deals with interest rates that start from less than three percent.

Interest is paid on the entire term and loan amount

Interest is paid on the entire term and loan amount

Interest rates are such that they have to be paid for the entire loan amount and throughout the term. Thus, there is usually no repayment settlement in the installment loan, as is usual, for example, with mortgage loans. For this reason, the effective interest rate on installment loans is often much higher than the nominal interest rate, which borrowers should pay attention to. Installment credits are repaid in fixed monthly installments that do not change over the entire term and include both repayment and interest. Some banks require collateral prior to disbursement of a installment loan, such as pledges or assignments. Often, however, installment loans are also blank loans where no security is accepted by the bank.